Things To Consider When Picking Your Slab

Adding granite countertops to your kitchen can increase the value of your home and update your kitchen instantly. However, this stylish countertop option can present difficult choices. Because granite countertops are expensive, it is important to be sure you will be completely satisfied with the slab that is installed. By going to a granite warehouse, you can have the opportunity to select your own granite slab. As you do this, there are a few things to keep in mind.

Granite buying tips

1. Keep in mind the color of your kitchen cabinets. When you are selecting a granite slab for your home, you will want it to complement your decor. If you can, bring a color sample of your cabinets with you to the warehouse. While some might want their granite countertop to closely match their kitchen cabinets, you may want to select a granite slab that will stand out from your cabinet color.

2. Consider density when choosing a color for your granite slab. Darker granite slabs tend to be denser than lighter slabs. This may be important to you if you are concerned about stains. Because of the density of darker granite slabs, they are less likely to stain than are lighter colors. This can also be a factor when it comes to how often you need to seal your countertop.

3. Think about patterns. Each granite slab is unique in pattern. As you are selecting a granite slab, try to imagine how the different patterns in the stone will look in your kitchen. In some cases you can even have your slab cut so that the patterns you like in the stone will be featured in certain places on your countertop.

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